Note: This is a historical site. Please visit the W3C Verifiable Claims Working Group and the W3C Credentials Community Group.

The Open Credentials specs are available under an open, patent and royalty-free license. Just like all other successful open Web technologies, the freedom to innovate is a fundamental part of what we do.


Vision: The vision statement of the W3C Credentials Community Group describes the principles upon which an Open Credentials architecture should be built.

Glossary: A unified glossary for all Open Credentials work in the Credentials Community Group. Previous Drafts:

Use Cases: The purpose of the Open Credentials specifications is to establish a credential storage and exchange system for the Web. The use cases outlined here are provided in order to make progress toward possible future standardization and interoperability of both low and high-stakes credentials with the goals of storing, transmitting, and receiving digitally verifiable proof of qualifications and achievements. The following use cases focus on concrete scenarios that the technology created by the group should enable. Previous Drafts: 2014-10-14

Roadmap: Outlines the proposed technology stack and development timeline for the set of technologies being worked on by the Credentials Community Group. Previous Drafts:


Identity Credentials: A decentralized identity mechanism for the Web that allows arbitrary Linked Data to be read from and written to an identity URL. Previous Drafts: